Utama Bilik (80) What is Islam? Class 3 : Tafseer Sura Maryam Verse 6

Class 3 : Tafseer Sura Maryam Verse 6


Assalaamulaikum wr wt

Bismillah ArRahman ArRahim. Allahumma rabbana zidna ilma. Allahumma rabbana ihdinassiratal mustaqim. Amma ba’du

Surah Maryam, Verse 6:

يَرِثُنِي وَيَرِثُ مِنْ آلِ يَعْقُوبَ وَاجْعَلْهُ رَبِّ رَضِيًّا

Who should inherit me and inherit from the children of Yaqoub, and make him, my Lord, one in whom Thou art well pleased.

The missing verse I had not tafsir. After Zakariya asked for a son, he asked also for a good chàracteristic son. He doesn’t simply ask for a son but a good son. He said in his dua, A son who inherit me as a messenger/ nabi. …..Who also inherit all good attributes of messenger or nabi from the house of Jacob/Yaakub a.s


He wanted a son, and ask to be a messenger and had all good attributes from all messenger from the house of Yaakub a.s and He said… O my Lord or Rabb, one with whom Thou art well pleased… he wanted be a shahid… indèed Yahya/John was martyred … he was killed by cutting his head into two by a saw.

His story..Yahya. was again told in surah yassin about 2 messengers to preach in a city.. Antoich.. Roman city near Damascus Syria…. and Allah send a third one..

Verses 13 to 30.

Conclusion from Zakariya’s doa

  1. Any dua whether how impossible it is can be granted by Allah.
  2. Doa must be direct to Allah only…. dont use mediator in your doa… eg .. ask imam or ust or a jemaah to do the doa for u… its wrong

I had teached this doa to a few man

  1. An ustaz who was married for 8 years but not granted a child… about 8 years ago. He said, ust ..his above case. He then said… can ust ‘adjust’ .. thats the word he said.. so that I can have a child.. I hear that your doa was always granted. From his own words, I knew his akidah was kufur to Allah. I must show the truth to him. So I ask him about his beliefs in Allah… then when I teach him to a muslim ‘again’ ; I taught him a doa… using a verse from al waakiah…verse 58..59 His doa is when he answer verse 59… is it u who created the sperm that inturn join with the egg and become a child or Allah did??? He must answer that question by our Lord by saying.. Indeed Thy Allah creat the child… then he said his doa for a child His doa was granted… now his daughter is about 7 and another son 5.
  2. Another case. One student of mine here in KL…as I was teaching this sura Maryam n told everyone about that ustaz… after class he ask me about the doa. I taught him about the previous doa ..ustaz. But I also taught him using the first 6 verses of Maryam.. During the doa.. He praised Allah, Asked for forgiveness from syirik bidaah and other sins, Recite the verses 1 to 6 Maryam, Then said his doa… He does that for 4 months. Bear in mind…He was married for 11 years. His wife had a sickness of the Rahim. Always in pain of the  rahim after haidh.. to the other cycle of haidh. Doctors told them that its quite imposible to conceive. After a few months he told me that his wife was pragnant.. after a few weeks she bleed. Rush to hospital and hospitalise for 8 months… Now they had a beutiful 2 year old girl

So Allah insya Allah will grant u your doa provided your doa is not against His qadha’. I for both cases dont do any doa for them. If I do, I will be just like the priest in christianity or sami for hindus


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